I’m Siva Shanmugam, aged 64, a native of Coimbatore. I live in vadavalli with my wife. I have two sons, both of whom are residing abroad. My youngest son lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. My eldest son lives with his family in Alberta, Canada. I have one grandson, Adithya Varman after whom I have started this venture.  I have spent my entire life involved in agriculture in rural coimbatore, so I understand the intricacies of land titles and records.

As India modernizes at a great pace, rural India and the third layer of governance, namely the village panchayats, town panchayats and corporations, are struggling to keep up with the times. This is especially true in case of land related transactions and its subsequent registrations. Typical of rural India, the ancestral inheritances are not quite straight forward and often the division of property is done in a manner that results in lack of clarity and chaos. For example, I have witnessed a 10 acre ancestral land partitioned in a way that each of three brothers received alternate land measuring an acre each. This resulted in chaos as none of them had any contiguous land area more than an acre even though they all have 3.3 acres each. This was done with the noble intention of binding the brothers together but as they move onto subsequent generations, this chaos is further perpetuated. Add to this the lack of proper documentation and procedure in the earlier decades of Tamil Nadu, the problem is compounded further. This is where the land holding class of rural Tamil Nadu find themselves currently. Each instance a land related issue crops up, one invariably has to trace the roots of the problem back to the original partitions and work one’s way back to the present time to set the records and titles clear with all documentations in order. This is a very convoluted and cumbersome process.

With my experience of dealing with similar issues over the last 40 years and the understanding of the processes involved, I am able to help people get their land titles cleared and set the records straight. I also assist in land related disputes with the assistance from lawyers with over 25 years of experience. I have been helping friends and family already over the past 40 years and have now decided to pursue this opportunity as a profession. If you are facing any issues with land related disputes, land related transactions, land titles clarifications, lack of records and documentation, please reach out to me for consultation.